Wholesome Marketing Ideas, Bite Size

Wholesome marketing ideas, bite size

What is Just Marketing?

Just Marketing is a blog about marketing ideas.

Why another marketing blog? Aren’t there a zillion of them out there already?

Yes, and I visited about 150 of them. Most marketing blogs are about how-to: How to target Gen X; How to SEO; How to do small business marketing,…

Just Marketing takes a step back from the frenzy of doing, and pauses to think about why

Its goal is ask why do we do what we do. 

So it deals with issues at a higher level, and is intended for the thinking marketer, the more senior manager, the thoughtful practitioner of the art.

Blog posts on Just Marketing do three things.

First, they discuss an idea that will make you go hmm, or aha, or holy crap! In other words, the ideas on Just Marketing are insights that come from looking at things differently and looking at new things, and in both cases the insights either originate from asking why, or they result in asking why.

Next, blog posts are directly relevant to the practice of management and marketing – Just Marketing is read by marketers around the world. Our readers are in a wide variety of industries, in a variety of geographies. But they have this in common: they want ideas that work, and that can be put to work.

Finally, posts on Just Marketing are jargon-free. No management-speak, and no academicese spoken here. Someone from outside the marketing field can click on to any blog post on Just Marketing and find it just as instructive as a senior manager who has spent a career in marketing.

That’s it. It’s not any more complicated than that. Enjoy, and please keep your feedback coming!

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