Wholesome Marketing Ideas, Bite Size

Wholesome marketing ideas, bite size

Monday, December 26, 2011

Top 10 2011

A big Thank You to Just Marketing readers. The blog was launched in late March 2011 with the hope of addressing "why we do what we do" in a crowded blogosphere of marketing blogs that mostly tell us "how to do what we want to do." 

The blog has had a great first year. We’ve had distinguished guest posts by Dan Ariely, Mark Binns, John Bradley, Mike Dover, Jay Lebo, Martin Roll, Jeff Swystun, Mark Vandenbosch, and Sam Vasisht, in addition to my plebeian posts.

Readership continues to grow beyond my expectations. Recently, the blog was quoted and linked in the New York Times, providing another boost and many new readers.

If you're looking for some stimulating reading material during the well-deserved down time between Christmas and the New Year, I invite you to take a peek at the top 10 (most read) posts that appeared on Just Marketing this year.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and a fabulous 2012! See you here next year (Next post: January 8th). 

Top 10 2011
8. Customer satisfaction or market share? Pick one (Guest post, Mark Vandenbosch)


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