Wholesome Marketing Ideas, Bite Size

Wholesome marketing ideas, bite size

Thursday, August 22, 2013

TILT: What Advance Readers Are Saying

TILT comes out in just over two months. Here's what some advance readers are saying:

"Dawar deftly explains why competitive advantage is being seized by companies that understand how profoundly customer relationships have changed in a networked economy, and how your company can achieve similar success."
Don Tapscott, Author of several seminal books, including Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything

“The democratization of technology, flattening of the earth, and emergent market disruptors are fundamentally changing how we should think about competitive strategy. Niraj Dawar makes a powerful argument for tilting company resources from upstream to downstream value creation in order to capture and retain customers. A must read.”
Rohit Deshpande, Sebastian S. Kresge Professor of Marketing, Harvard Business School

“Tilt challenges us to place customers at the heart of strategy.  With product cycles shortening and product costs shrinking, a deeper understanding of how strategy can be made more powerful is brought to life. A must read.”
Arkadi Kuhlmann, CEO, ZenBanx Inc. , founder and former CEO and Chairman of ING Direct.

“This book will shake any tech startup founder’s product obsession. It provides a fresh new way of looking at market dynamics, customers, and competition.Tilt is essential reading for entrepreneurs and executives building successful businesses, not just better products.”
Vivek Mehra, Partner, August Capital

“In this highly readable and important book, Niraj Dawar offers marketing managers a roadmap for obtaining a sustainable competitive advantage.  By “tilting” towards their customers and interactions with them, marketers will move from product-centric to customer-centric thinking and increase their success in today's highly competitive marketplace.”
Russ Winer, William H. Joyce Professor of Marketing Chair, Stern School of Business, New York University

“Given the changes in the consumer goods industry, Tilt really got me to think in a different way. It puts a new focus on understanding and leveraging any organization’s customers and consumers. An essential read for all current and aspiring C-level executives.”
Chris Barrow, Chief Strategy Officer, Heineken N.V.


chris guerriero said...

Great ideas.. It helps me a lot..

Prof. R. K. Ghosh said...

This tilt has already happened, atleast amongst the forward looking organization, just to ensure their "survival" and "nourishment" in business.

Niraj Dawar said...

Prof. Ghosh, thank you for your comment. The shift away from an industrial, upstream model toward a customer-centric one has been underway for some time now. Yet, consider that we still rely on better products as a key source of competitive advantage. Think of the systematic processes companies have honed to develop better products – the well-established, step-by-step processes defined by stage-gates and milestones that guide pharmaceutical firms in developing a new drug molecule, or that automobile companies use in designing a new car model. But when it comes to systematic processes for creating new forms of value in the downstream, in customer interactions, there is often no R&D lab, no R&D manager, no R&D budget, and most importantly, no R&D process. Tilt guides managers toward a systematic way of thinking about developing new forms of value in the downstream.

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